PubNub with React Hooks and Contexts

I was recently looking for a sample how to use PubNub with custom React hooks and I didn’t find any complete example. Some of them were missing important details which I had to figure out later by myself. So here is a brief tutorial.

2 min read

Optimizing SQLAlchemy PostgreSQL queries

One of our Flask-Admin pages became very slow recently and I had to investigate the reason.

The page contains a custom Flask-Admin ModelView whish shows some data filtered by the certain criteria. The underlaying table is quite large so it could be the reason why the page is slow.

2 min read

Fixing git repositiory files marked as modified on the external drive

My Mac has quite a small internal SSD and I use an external SSD to keep my source code.

Once you checkout your git repository to the external drive you might notice that all files are now marked as modified. If you do git diff you will see something like this:

~1 min read